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  • Fred He[Unknown]2024/4/10 8:42:31
  • Hello, This is Fred from Supermicro Computer RD team. Could I have a datasheet of inductor CWNR-3012DA-330-MT-73? We are building a PDB board for Nvidia. We prefer to using this part because it's recommended by Nvidia.
  • 廖莉[Unknown]2023/11/3 10:10:39
  • LPCA-1040-R36-M MSB0640-R68M 物料采购
  • Joan Liu[Unknown]2023/10/20 11:16:04
  • Please help to check if you have stock available for below items? if yes , kindly quote it to me, thanks 1、POWER CHOKE HDT:MPCA-0624-R47-M 1500PCS 2、POWER CHOKE HDT:MPCA-0420-1R0-M 6000PCS
  • Terry D[Unknown]2023/6/15 18:26:05
  • Do you need help with graphic design - brochures, banners, flyers, advertisements, social media posts, logos etc? We charge a low fixed monthly fee. Let me know if you're interested and would like to see our portfolio.
  • Rick Carlson[Unknown]2023/2/12 11:39:02
  • ProNova Partners would like to collaborate with you on the sale of your business ASAP.
  • Liu[Unknown]2022/1/10 17:15:31
  • MPCA-0640 系列 有没有 0.33uh 的?
  • [Unknown]2021/10/30 9:59:37
  • 寻找 MPCA-0630-6R8-M 贴片功率电感,请联系我报价,谢谢!
  • [Unknown]2021/5/11 15:08:26
  • MPCA-0518-1R5-M MAZO(玛冀) 1盘
  • jack xu[Unknown]2020/10/8 15:16:33
  • look for the SMD电感3.3uH±20% 25A,13.45*12.6*4.8mm 环保标准X1,MAZO HPRM-1350-3R3-M
  • SOPHIA[Unknown]2020/3/27 13:59:39
  • Dear, Kindly advise me your best price of stock MPCA-0420-1R0-M MAZO 3,000 Look forwards to hearing from you. Thanks. Best Regards,
  • CY Yap[Unknown]2020/3/17 20:24:28
  • Hello I am interested in your company’s molded inductor products. Please send some information about your company thanks
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